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About us

Founded in 2010, Segula Technologies Netherlands is an engineering company that executes technical projects. We are active in several industries such as High Tech, Automotive and Machinery. With our 20 years’ experience in these sectors, we are recognized as a reliable partner for our customers, amongst them several prestigious OEM’s.

Our core competencies comprise of System Architecture, Precision Mechanics, Automotive, Mechanics, Analysis and Mechatronics. We benefit from being part of a large international organisation by using our global network and expertise. On the other hand, Segula Technologies NL is known as a local organisation that quickly responds to the needs of our clients.

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Our news

16 04
Sustainable employability
Segula realises that our employees are key for our organisation. For that reason, Segula would like to gain insight into the sustainable employability of our employees and the flexibility of the company. With these insights, Segula will prevent future problems by pursuing a more preventive policy…
23 05
Quiz Night XL
From 20 till the 25th of May 2019, the 8th edition of the Dutch Technology Week took place in Eindhoven. During this week, Quiz Night XL was organised in which 1400 geniuses participated. Eventually we defended the honor of Segula Technologies with 1 team in the Top 50!! (47th place overall) .
28 06
Our annual summer event
On June 28th, our annual summer event took place. 28 colleagues, divided into four teams, competed against each other at Klimrijk in Veldhoven. Our event ended with a delicious barbecue.

Business sectors

A single passion, multiple sectors
Engineering for evolving industries
High tech
In the fields of Semi-conductor, Medical and Printing, SEGULA Technologies NL is providing its knowledge on project management, system architecture, precision mechanics, mechatronics, thermal, structural analysis and optimization techniques for a wide range of projects.
These projects range from complex optical systems, fibre assemblies, and mover systems in clean room environments, up to the development of advanced test- and measurements setups.
SEGULA Technologies NL is applying its know how and expertise on Project Management, System Architecture, Precision Mechanics, Mechatronics, Thermal and Structural Analysis and optimization techniques in various automotive projects. These range from aerodynamics optimization of trucks to electric drive trains and vehicle layout. In the fast pace automotive market, the Segula professionals are able to contribute within the strict timelines and high quality requirements of this industry.
Within the production environment of our customers, SEGULA Technologies NL contributes with finding the optimal solutions linked to transport of modules, supporting frames, vibrations insulation support, advanced production equipment and more. The application can be from large modules to cleanroom and vacuum environments.
We are the heart of innovations

Innovation is key in our business. We are constantly involved in projects that shape our future. In the High Tech industry, we use thermal and flow analysis, multi-physics and robotics to develop semiconductor equipment and tooling. Furthermore, in the automotive industry, we are part of tooling, cabin, chassis, power train and exhaust development.

In addition to that, we contribute in innovative research projects within industry and academic world such as I cave, advanced Thermal Control Consortium, advanced opto-mechanics and measurement systems.

Segula Technologies Nederland BV
De witbogt 2
5652 AG Eindhoven
Tel. +31 (0) 40 85 17 500